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Ref: MG-8116(N)
  • MG-8116(N)&nbspRef:&nbspMG-8116(N)
Multi-channel real-time recording synchronously, multi-channel real-time playback, multi-channel multi-user network operation, USB back up.
*Intelligent analyze function including the core function of perimeter detection (picket line & security area), objects care (lost or left over), video diagnosis and etc, but also support alarm linkage to make monitor more and more ease.
v HD iDVR combines the functions of DVR/HVR/NVR together, multi-mode input,support hybrid input of analog + network HD video, support all digital input of network HD video.
* Compression algorithm upgraded to H.264 High Profile,the advanced space-time filter technique makes the code stream lowered at least 30%.
*Support main stream and extra steam encode synchronously. Main stream is for local storage to maintain the image quality, extra stream is for network real-time transmission, to easily solve the bottleneck problem of bandwidth.
*Support all kinds of mobile monitor(iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android),support 3G & WIFI extension
*Support multi-browser(IE、Chrome、Firefox、Safari)
*Support 2 USB2.0 ports for operation of mouse control, back up, imprint and upgrade
*Similar Vista interface,similar WINDOWS operating style,powerful right button menu function of mouse, make it easy for using.
v Support TV、VGA & HDMI output synchronously, VGA & HDMI HD 1080P display output , which make the traditional monitor display effect upside down
*Powerful net service(support DHCP、PPPOE、FTP、DNS、DDNS、NTP、UPNP、EMAIL、IP authority、IP search、alarm center, etc),complete enclosure(WEB、CMS、SDK),to easily achieve interconnection.
*Self enclosed with DNS function (ARSP),one-key to enable remote control, and support DNS of 3322、dyndns、oray、myq-see, etc
*Completed protective circuit, unique treble watchdog function, make device never crashed
*Twenty kinds of language(English、Finnish、French、German,Greek、Italian、Japanese,Polish、Portuguese、Russian,Spanish、Thai、Simplified Chinese、Chinese-Traditional、Turkish, etc)
*Flexible display function support freely change boot interface